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ASAP Studios Offer Fun Weekly Classes As Well As Competition Classes & Exam Classes For The More Serious Dancer & We Accept Students Of All Ages & Abilities, All Year Round.



At ASAP Studios Our Aim Is To Help Students To Become More Confident, Coordinated, Appreciate The Importance Of Exercise, Make New Friends, And Enjoy Every Experience. Our School Strives To Engage In The Overall Development Of An Individual - Physically, Intellectually And Emotionally.

We Pride Ourselves On Encouraging And Teaching Enthusiasts From 2 Years.

We, As Teachers Pride Ourselves On Being Approachable To Both Students And Parents And In Helping Students Of All Abilities, Including The Encouragement Of Special Needs Children.

Each Year The Students Put On A Showcase For Family & Friends, Giving Students A Great Sense Of Achievement For All Their Hard Work And Efforts Throughout The Year.



We Are Not Just A Dance School!! We Are A Performing Arts Studio!! Within Such A Diverse Industry, We Continue To Introduce New & Up To Date Classes. This Has Seen Us Expand Our Studio Space So That We Can Offer Tuition In Many Areas. We Also Offer Classes In Theory So Students May Extend Their Knowledge For Future Opportunities. We Simply Love Being Able To Offer The Community As Much As Possible & We Hope You Will Join Us On Our Journey Into Providing A Great Place For All To Shine At ASAP Studios!!!


• Wide Variety Of Dance And Movement Experiences

• Variation Of Dance Styles

• Sense Of Achievement

• Awareness Of Self And Others

• Discipline

• Increase In Strength And Flexibility

• Positive Self-Concept

• Good Balance And Posture

• Increase In General Fitness

• Understanding Of Skills

• New Friends And Lots Of Fun

• Ability To Learn A Series Of Movements & Perform Them Live To An Audience

• And Much More

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